At Making Space Hakomi, we do just that, we make space. It is an active process of cultivating mindful attention to what is occurring in the present moment. You make space for yourself by spending your time this way and you will learn to make space for your own emotions and internal experience by learning skills of mindful presence and curiosity.


"To notice what arises inside without judgement is the essence of Hakomi and a pathway for deep and abiding healing."

- Ron Kurtz, Hakomi founder

Are you a new mom who is having difficulty transitioning into motherhood? Or a mother of young children who is overwhelmed with the immensity of daily parenting? Are you feeling stuck in patterns and habits that no longer serve you? If so, I can resonate and Hakomi can help you. Hakomi is often called assisted self-study and is an incredibly gentle, respectful and effective method of exploring parts of ourselves that are in pain and offering insight and relief while providing new, more nourishing possibilities. I offer one-on-one sessions as well as some workshops and support groups. Please look over the web site and contact me to see if we are a good fit to work together.

For more information about the Hakomi method, please click to visit the Hakomi Institute web site.

Mindfulness is also a traditional method of spiritual practice. There is a basic freedom that comes from relaxing our attachments to who we think we are and how things should be. There is a lightness of being, a peacefulness, a kind of spaciousness that makes room for humor and compassion.

This spacious mind is about celebrating mystery and humour and a way of being that goes beyond the limits of the ordinary ego. One aspect of this spaciousness is the ability to see things with a wide-angle lens and from many different angles. Acting without controlling. Not being attached to particular outcomes. Being sensitive and open. Lowering the noise of internal chatter and the preconceived ideas that generally interfere with clarity, insight, and intuition, as well as with true acceptance and understanding. From mindfulness, to spaciousness, we begin to see more clearly, and to open to new possibilities of how to be nourished, to feed the soul. This kind of non-ego centered nourishment fills us up and radiates out as loving presence, providing the ground and context for healing to unfold spontaneously.
— Ron Kurtz (Hakomi founder) and Donna Martin (Senior Hakomi Trainer)