Hello. I am glad you are here. I am Rachael Koeson, a Certified Hakomi Practitioner. I came to know and love Hakomi after experiencing the elegance and effectiveness of the method as a client. I had tried talk therapy several times with several therapists and, although it offered me helpful glimpses into my inner world, it wasn't until I worked with a Hakomi Practitioner that I really felt a significant shift in how I experienced myself and my life. This shift was due to their ability to skillfully guide me to mindfully slow down and listen to the wisdom of my body. That allowed me to gently bring awareness to the wounded and frightened areas of myself that were unconsciously driving my habits of thought and action. I learned to make space for myself, to find some healing and to practice making different choices. 

Because of Hakomi I was able to change in ways that felt good and I wanted to share that experience with others, so I enrolled as a student of the method. I completed an 18 month comprehensive training through the Hakomi Institute in April 2015 and became certified in September 2016.


I have a strong passion to support other women and mothers. I have worked in a college for midwifery, completed labor and postpartum doula programs and personally struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety.

I have two young children and know what it feels like to be covered in kid snot, trying to deal with fighting siblings in the grocery store check-out lane while getting a phone call and balancing on one foot! I don't have it all together and that is ok. No one does. I resonate with the struggles of transitioning into motherhood, parenting in a way that feels in alignment with my true self and living with hope in complicated and overwhelming times.

I also enjoy knitting, gardening, being around trees, cooking and laughing. I look forward to getting to know you.

Hakomi is a method for inviting unresolved experiences into consciousness and resolving them by offering new experiences of the world
— Ron Kurtz, Hakomi founder

Client Testimonials

"Deeply talented, Rachael has an unparalleled ability to listen. She skillfully guides and prompts in a way that allows for self-knowledge, allowing me to arrive at a level of clarity and inner unity-of-being that I had not experienced in the past. The sessions I have spent with her have been at the exact level of emotional engagement and relaxation that I needed -- leaving me energized and focused for days afterwards.  Rachael was always grounded when I was not.  Always thoughtful when I was scattered.  Always nudging me towards wholeness when I was fragmented.
Every session with Rachael left me more and more at ease with myself.
Rachael has the perfect mix of professional ability and deep compassion. She is easy to trust and inspired me to change in unexpected ways."

"Through my Hakomi sessions, I was able to see areas of my mental and physical health with "new eyes"-- having a clear vision by listening to my intuition. Rachael is a sensitive guide, sharing light and perspective only when areas of my health seemed perplexing. I am grateful for the opportunity to walk hand in hand with Rachael in this process of opening doors, observing and slowly walking into uncharted territories of myself. Hakomi is such an incredibly unique tool to better understand yourself, one that everyone could benefit from." -HD

"Rachael was able to help me during a very dark time in my life. I had not previously heard of Hakomi and I was blown away by the effectiveness of the method and particularly of Rachael- even long distance!
Rachael was patient with me and was able to make a big difference, more than anyone I tried locally. The things I learned by working with her have become tools I use on a regular basis to remind myself that I can care for me better than anyone else. The work I did with Rachael has made me a better person and mother. Sometimes I am still surprised at what she helped me accomplish by our time together- even on the phone." -JB

"My Favorite things about Rachael:
She is supremely present.
She is naturally nurturing.
She is happy to do what is wanted and

needed by her clients during sessions.
She is tenderly patient.
She is openly genuine.
She is gently professional.
She is a devoted family woman.
She is reassuringly grounded.
She operates from her very generous heart.

Her Super Power is: Compassion" -BR


"There is always some magnet that draws your eyes to the horizon or invites you to explore behind things and seek out the concealed depths. You know that the true nature things is hidden deep within."

- John O'Donohue